Professional Leadership Training

Up-skilling your people will help improve your organisation’s performance and Dare2Lead has a strong track record of providing professional development training.

The learning we deliver address the ‘power of you’ and the emphasis is on the skills and attitudes needed for participants to lead themselves and others in the workplace.

Modules could include:

  • Your Working Style and Understanding Others
  • Influencing and Negotiation
  • Personal Branding
  • SMART Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • People Management
  • Self Awareness and Skills Competency Mapping

Our training can last from half a day to a range of longer-term sessions. We will always work with you to design the content and delivery of training.

Three quarters of employers (72%) report a serious lack of leadership and management skills in their workforce – CIPD

Research has estimated that ineffective management costs the UK £19 billion every year in lost work hours

A single point improvement in management practices is associated with the same increase in output as a 25% increase in the labour force or a 65% increase in invested capital – Department for Business Innovation and Skills

“The session was a huge success! It was humbling, thought provoking and inspiring. Unanimously voted the best session of the programme!
John Morgan, Partner, Pantheon Ventures