Dare2Lead launches training as evidence reveals ‘Leadership deficit’ costing the UK economy

As Dare2Lead launch our updated Leadership training programmes this month, I reflect on the state of leadership and management levels across the UK. And there are serious challenges indeed facing us – especially the three in ten of us (approx 8 million people) who are considered people managers.

Research released this month from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three quarters of employers (72%) report a lack of leadership and management skills and too many managers have an inflated opinion of their ability to manage people.

The CIPD is urging Government and employers to recognise that just a small increase in capability amongst the UK’s eight million people managers would make a significant contribution to productivity and growth. This is a message dare2lead fully supports. We know that with the right leadership learning areas, relationship values and practical personal and social skills, then we can overcome the UK’s costly “Achilles heel” that is our leadership deficit.

Dare2lead channels our works where we can make the most sustained impact, and that is why we focus on developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes of young and emerging managers/leaders. However we also recognise the sizeable impact existing managers have on our next generation of leaders. Evidence repeatedly shows that older/more senior role models are very influential in setting the attitudes and norms of younger leaders. That’s why these recent results are so worrying. The example current managers set stands the future of management and indeed the UK economy in bad stead. We must break that cycle.

Director of Dare2Lead John Loughton said :

“The CIPD report confirms what many knew – strong leadership skills are central to a strong economy, motivated citizens, productive employees and an aspirational country in which our young people can flourish. Dare2Lead remain ready to work across the public, governmental and employer sector to ensure that we can ignite a leadership revolution in the UK.

Our unique combination works. By training people in leadership skills, igniting a positive mental attitude, enabling ambition and offering practical platforms for people to utilise their new found skills and attitudes, we know we can have a more empowered, successful, positive and high-achieving future.”

Ben Willmott, head of public policy at the CIPD, commented: “Leadership and management capability continues to be an Achilles heel for UK plc, despite mounting evidence that these are ‘skills for growth’ essentials”

“A small increase in capability across this huge population of people managers would have a significant impact on people’s engagement, wellbeing and productivity…Government also needs to play a bigger role in building demand among employers for investment in the leadership and management skills that are central to its efforts to support economic growth and transform public services.”

For full details on Dare2Lead’s training programmes and speakers, please follow this link to our services page.

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