Dear President: A Leadership letter to Obama, and my 4 tests for his 4 years

Dear Mr President, Congratulations on four more years. Your previous tenureship sir was probably conducted under the most difficult political circumstances in a generation to inherit. But now the economy is turning around, in large part thanks to your actions. You avoided a depression, you invested in a stimulus package, saved the car manufacturing industry, championed SMEs as an economic … Read More

It’s Obama for me, but there’s more at stake – democracy

So it has been a while since I have written a blog post. Sorry for that. Things have been a bit crazy with Dare2Lead and responding to the tremendous reaction we have had since our profile started to increase in July. We have in the last 3 months alone worked in four countries, recruited 3 new staff, been nominated for … Read More

Youth must be Global Leaders and drive change

I meet so many inspiring and humbling individuals on my journeys. One of these people is the awesome Sera N Onalan. I met Sera in Washington DC. She is an activist, youth diplomat and scholar studying in the USA. Sera is originally Turkish as was serving as Head of State for Turkey at the G20 Youth Summit. Her passion, knowledge … Read More

Leadership and Charities – how Young Trustees can make their mark

Leadership and Charities – how Young Trustees can make their mark Recently I had breakfast with a great fellow young British leader called Alex. He works in the NGO sector and runs a network supporting young people looking to move into voluntary sector governance positions. His outlook and knowledge on this very focused agenda I found very refreshing. See below … Read More

Inspiration to us all – baby Jack’s memory

Inspiration to us all – baby Jack’s memory So sometimes an issue comes to our attention that is so invisibly unjust that we need to take action. The below is one of them. It is the issue of how employers treat parents following the death of a child (something I can personally relate to) and the impact it has on … Read More

Leadership & Innovation key to tackling Social Exclusion

I read the new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation today that explores if civic leaders can tackle social exclusion by engaging in radical public service innovation? It made for very interesting and positive reading, and really validated a lot of notions I knew insitinctively were accurate. It places the importance of leadership, empowerment, inspiration and new thinking at the … Read More

My Life and Times of poverty, drugs and crime

So I watched the documentary last night about Pilton and Muirhouse, the scheme, the community where I was born and raised. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy watching because knowing the guy Garry, he was gonna talk from the heart, and show the truth behind a lot of issues. I often get really angry or conflicted feelings in … Read More

Dare2Lead launch partnership with Malaysian Embassy

Recently Dare2Lead were delighted to be asked to feature in the ‘Altec’ Leadership Training program in partnership with the Malaysian Embassy. Inspirational young trainers from Dare2Lead ran and delivered a high-impact and experiential workshop on the ‘Importance of Leadership” and how youth can shape communities on a national and international level. The session involved over 120 young Malaysian students from … Read More

Hollande’s must @daretolead on his promise of youth and growth

So I am not proclaiming to be some sort of expert on French politics or even to know that much about Sarkozy or Hollande, but I was surprisingly moved tonight. It was amazing to watch Francois Hollande be inaugurated as President-elect of the Republic of France. He won 52% of the popular vote, thus being elected on the first round … Read More

“Daring to lead is now part of my everyday life” – Shanique (19)

“Dare2lead has enabled me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. When I always thought “I can’t” dare2lead made me realise that I can. Success is a journey, not a destination. It has allowed me to enjoy the journey of success and given me the confidence and skills to continue MY journey” “Daring to lead is now … Read More