How to lead Win-Win negotiations, getting results for you and your team!

Deadlock! We’ve all been there. You’ve tried your best to get people on board with your plan or idea but there has been no agreement. Neither side is backing down. To move forward, you have to negotiate! Being able to successfully negotiate without damaging your stakeholder relationships is a key skill to have, especially if you work in a matrix … Read More

What is good Leadership? A response to Henley Business School

I was reading through The Telegraph online when I was struck by the heading, “What Makes a Good Leader?” I read the article (read it here), scribed by Patricia Bossons (Director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Facilitation) expecting to read yet another stale and predictable article on leadership. But it wasn’t like that at all. Some of it, … Read More

Dare2Lead’s hugely successful professional leadership retreat

Dare2Lead was delighted to once again work with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (DofE) – running leadership training for their operational staff over a dynamic three-day residential. With over 300,000 people currently enrolled for a DofE award in one of the 1,269 licensed organisations, it’s impact is huge and it’s reach wide. We are humbled to be contributing in our … Read More

Dare2Lead – Inspiring Positive Leadership

“It’s our utter passion for delivering the most empowering experience possible – alongside making society better – that sets us apart.” – John Loughton, Founder & CEO, Dare2Lead Dare2Lead is proud to be different from any other training provider. Our organisation was founded in 2011 by social entrepreneur, youth leader and global campaigner John Loughton and formally launched at Windsor … Read More

Is there space for a NEW politics – A Generational Political theory?

As our understanding of the difference between generations expands, how will our political and social thinking respond? We all know well now of different “established” political schools of thought – left wing vs right wing, capitalism vs communism and identity and issue politics such as class politics, race politics, green politics etc. But could we ever develop a credible political … Read More

Dear President: A Leadership letter to Obama, and my 4 tests for his 4 years

Dear Mr President, Congratulations on four more years. Your previous tenureship sir was probably conducted under the most difficult political circumstances in a generation to inherit. But now the economy is turning around, in large part thanks to your actions. You avoided a depression, you invested in a stimulus package, saved the car manufacturing industry, championed SMEs as an economic … Read More

Dare2Lead runs training for Malaysian Embassy in UK

Recently Dare2Lead were delighted to be asked to feature in the ‘Altec’ Leadership Training program in partnership with the Malaysian Embassy. Inspirational young trainers from Dare2Lead ran and delivered a high-impact and experiential workshop on the ‘Importance of Leadership” and how youth can shape communities on a national and international level. The session involved over 120 young Malaysian students from … Read More

Sri Lanka : Natural Beauty, Growing Economy and Reconciliation

Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, renowned for its warm skies and welcoming scenery. One conclusion I can draw upon, after having spent ten days touring the country, is that its welcoming scenery and warm skies is matched by the welcoming warmth of its people. It was a truly action packed week, which had its … Read More